Is there a Difference between Reboot and Restart?

Difference between Reboot and Restart
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Last Updated on September 12, 2020 by Thomas C. Bell

The word “Reboot” and “Restart” is very common in the digital world but many people become confused between these two words because they don’t understand the difference between these two words. We are leaving in the age of technology and it is quite impossible to imagine a day without interacting with any form of technology. While using the devices they might fail inadvertently and we may have to reboot or restart the device. So it is very important to understand the difference between reboot and restart. In this post, I have discussed what is a reboot, restart, and dig out the differences between them. Keep reading the article to know the details.

What is a Reboot?

In a computer system, a reboot is a process to restart a working computer using hardware instead of software. You can either perform a “cold” reboot or a “soft” reboot. In a cold reboot, the power to the system is physically turned off and back on again and it makes the machine boot again. When you perform a soft reboot the system restarts the computer without interrupting the power source. There are many reasons you may have to perform rebooting like installing a software program, installing operating system updates, to recover from an error, or re-initialize drivers or hardware devices. When you reboot the computer all open programs will close and the computer will turn off briefly and then turn back on.                

How to Reboot a Computer

The process of hard reboot and a soft reboot is different. Rebooting a computer can solve different types of problems like slow application response, Microsoft office apps are not opening, software crash, internet connectivity problems, and many more. The rebooting process is very simple.

Hard Reboot: You have to press and hold the power button on the computer and it will physically turn off the power of the computer and reboot the system. This is an initial boot of the computer.

Soft Reboot: You can perform the soft reboot directly from your keyboard. Press the Alt + Ctrl + Delete keys on the keyboard at the same time to perform the soft reboot.        

What is a Restart?

Reboot and restart are almost the same things but they have slight differences. Restart is also a kind of reboot; in fact, it’s the first step of a reboot. When a user performs a soft reboot the operating system turns off all the programs and ends all pending input and output operations before the reboot and it’s called restart. When you upgrade any software or firmware, you are asked to restart your computer. Sometimes restarting the computer can fix minor issues of Windows.

How to Restart a Computer

There are multiple methods available to restart a computer. You can follow any of the below methods to restart your computer.

Restart Computer Using Keyboard

First, go to the desktop of your computer

Now from your keyboard press Alt+F4 together

A menu will appear on the screen

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Click on the drop-down menu and select “Restart” and then click on the Ok button and your computer will restart.

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Restart Windows 10 Computer through the Start Menu

First click on the Start Menu in the lower-left corner of the screen

When the start menu opens, you will see the power button at the bottom of your screen

Click the power button and the power menu will open

In the power, menu select the “Restart” option to restart your computer

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Restart Windows 8 and 8.1 Computer       

Windows 8 and 8.1 OS versions don’t have the start menu. But the windows 8.1 update comes with a power options button to the upper-right corner of the Start screen. So Windows 8.1 users can restart their computer quickly from the power button. Now follow these simple steps:

First, click on the Start button and go to the Start Screen

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Now the top of your screen you will see the power button and click on it

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A drop-down menu will appear, from their click on the “Restart” and your computer will restart

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Restart Computer Using the Windows Command Line

You can restart a windows computer using the Windows command prompt. Follow the below steps:

First, open the Windows Command Prompt on your computer

If you want to shut down the computer then type shutdown -s and press the Enter button of your keyboard

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If you want to restart the computer then type shutdown -r and press the Enter button of your keyboard

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Final Thoughts

I hope you find the article informative and understand the difference between reboot and restart. Let us know if you want to know anything about this topic in the comment section. Our experts will help you out!

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